It depends on where you are. From the City of Nairobi, you take public means from the city centre to Kikuyu Town and take a matatu to Thogoto shops from where the University is a walking distance. If you are in private vehicle, you can access the university campus from Kikuyu town, which is in Kikuyu SubCounty of Kiambu County.

Yes, The University has its own clinic and nurse and it is surrounded by good modern health facilities. Kikuyu is the home of the Presbyterian Kikuyu Hospital with many medical facilities and medical personnel.

The University has always taken student welfare, safety, health and lifestyle with serious concern. In this regard, the University Council and Management have provided facilitated and services to support daily student development services. The key to these functions is the role of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar. These key roles are supported by the Director of Counselling Services, Director of Student Development Services, Dean of Students, Student Leadership Teams, University Chaplaincy, and student hostels management staff. Where a need exists welfare and lifestyle support services are extended to departmental head services as the need arises.

Yes, these exist. They include indoor and outdoor facilities. There are opportunities to competitively interact with students from other tertiary and university institutions in many co-curricular activities.

The PUEA library is well stocked with hard copy teaching and learning materials as well as accessible e-learning materials. The library status is as per CUE requirements. It has a sitting capacity of over 500 seats at any one time.

Yes, PUEA has highly qualified lecturers for all its postgraduate and undergraduate degree as well as diploma programmes. Besides when the need arises qualified part-time lecturers are engaged. All full-time and part-time are qualified as stipulated in the University standards and guidelines issued by the Commission for University Education and as per the requirements in the University Education Act, No. 42 of 2012

All PUEA diploma graduates are allowed up to 49% of the total course units with a minimum grade “B” standing to the programme applied for.

Yes, PUEA considers all applications for credit transfer ahead of admissions. Such applications should be submitted to the Registrar Academic Affairs ahead of application for admission so as to benefit from credit transfer awards

PUEA is sponsored and supported by the Church like other private universities. The Church is a founder member of St. Paul’s University and founder of Thogoto Teachers College, the Alliance Boys High School and the Alliance Girls High School besides many other educational institutions in many parts of Kenya.

Yes, PUEA is registered with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and our students apply and benefit from HELB loans just like any other students admitted to Kenyan Universities.

PUEA supports needy bright students through partial and full funding as well as work-study arrangements after being vetted and on meeting the set criteria. The University also works closely with community, local and external Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and church groups to ensure students are supported tot benefit from education at PUEA.

Yes, it has separately managed hostels for female and male students. It also helps students to get vetted accommodation in the neighborhood in Thogoto town and its environs. Therefore, PUEA recommends hostels that have been vetted by the University. It liaises with a local community team to accommodate students in suitable facilities.

According to the Commission for University Education (CUE), a university operating under LIA applies for a charter once it meets all the requirements. PUEA has fulfilled these requirements and its application for an award of Charter has been lodged with the Commission for University Education.

Yes, PUEA is recognized by the Government of Kenya and all the other agencies as a private university. In this regard, it admits Government sponsored students (GSS) through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS) since 2016.

Yes, PUEA is legal and is operating under a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) since 2007.

It is an acronym and a quick way of saying The Presbyterian University of East Africa.

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